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Over Bread Slicing Machine Over the Counter Bread Cutting ASED32

Over Set Bread Slicing Machine Over the Counter Bread Cutting ASED 32


With 32 Knives Overset Bread Slicing Machine Over the Counter Use Industrial Bread Cutting Machine


Overset Bread Slicing Machine Working Voltage 220 Volt
Engine Power 0.37 Kw

Overset Bread Slicing MachineÔÇÖs Width including arm is 57 cm
Height 65 cm
Depth 70 cm
Weight 80 Kg


Overset Bread Slicing Machine with BandÔÇÖs bread cutting dimensions
Length 39 cm
Minimum bread cutting height 6 cm
Maximum bread cutting height 16 cm
Bread Slicing Width; it slices bread at the thickness of 13 mm.


Overset Bread Slicing Machine is used safely with the emergency stop button,
Cutting knives made of special stainless steel,
Starting with the pulling of the arm, finishing with the bread being sliced automatic working,
Easy usage and general cleaning,
Overset Bread Slicing MachineÔÇÖs top part has a packaging plate by which you can easily package the breads.
Overset Bread Slicing MachineÔÇÖs painted parts, are covered with electrostatic paint.
If you notify us before buying it can be delivered as working with 380 Volt triphase electricity.
Other than the price of the bread slicing machine here; you can also buy the under cupboard separately. Ask the priceÔÇŽ 0212 2370749

Special design aimed to help hygiene,
Produced as ergonomic and class outlook this bread slicing machine adjusts to any place.

Bread slicing machineÔÇÖs many and cheap replacement parts, are always available in our stocks.


Bread slicing machine is under 2 year real guarantee(free workforce and replacement parts guarantee are only valid inside TurkeyÔÇÖs borders, for the products exported abroad; in the content of electrical Bread slicing machine sending package, general replacement parts defined by our company are given)
This machines useful life with benefits is 10 years and during this period it has replacement parts guarantee charged with service fee.

English Information Call Center 00-90-534-553-3-592
Turkish Call 00-90-212-237-0-749
Note: Aksan, because of constant product developments, keep its right to change the features, shape, technical changes on the stainless electrical Bread slicing machine.

If you have a similar bread slicing machine and it is out of order to call technical service for the repairment maintenance service or sale of the replacement parts dial 0212 2370759


You use this overset bread slicing machine over your existing counter. The bread youÔÇÖve cut is sliced properly and fast. Bakeries, Factories, Military and Civil Eating HousesÔÇÖ bread slicing work can be made comfortablyÔÇŽ CallÔÇŽ 0212 2370749


If you lack space and your counter is empty on top this over the counter slicing machine is just for you, it occupies small space very comfortable and useful. Moreover, it has no less feature compared to a normal bread slicing machine. Its addition is its structure with small equipment occupying less space. Call 0212 2370749

Bread Cutter Machine Photos, Bread Cutter Machine Pictures, Bread Cutter Technical Drawings, Coming Soon Bread Cutter Machine Videos

Bread Cutter Machine Photos, Bread Cutter Machine Pictures, Bread Cutter Technical Drawings, Coming Soon Bread Cutter Machine Videos


Yes; if you are looking for a Bread Cutter Machine photo, Bread Cutting Machine pic, Bread Cutting technical drawing, Bread Cutting Electric scheme;


We are going to give part as best as we can to every kind of technical document, visual publication┬á hereÔÇŽ.
Here is our first visual; a Bread Cutting Machine photo:

With Conveyor Band Automatic Bread Cutting Machine photograph
(Having other size and property; for picture, photo, technical drawing and for your wish; you can send e-mail to e-mail address)

Electrical Equipment and Bread Cutting Machine parts, General Parts of the Bread Cutting Machine

Electrical Equipment and Bread Cutting Machine parts, General Parts of the Bread Cutting Machine

Bread Cutting┬áMachine type productsÔÇÖ electrical system is generally from the material which can be found easily in the marketÔÇŽ

These parts for simple electrical models;

Bread Cutting Machine Main Energy Plug Cable

Electric distribution connector (Bread Cutting Machine making entrance to the inside of the electric cable)

Called as an Eye lamp signal lamp (electric bulb) which show if the device is connected to the electricity (if it is working or not)

Emergency Button (Stop Button)

Start Switch

Coil Spring

Electric Engine

Volant and Ball Bearings


Cutter Knife


These replacement parts; are chosen from high quality material because they are used constantly.

Note: For┬áBread Cutting┬áMachine Spare Parts and Bread Cutting Repair Service, Periodic Maintenance; From the phone number 009 0212 2370749 ÔÇô 009 0212 2370759

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